About Us


Travel down the Earleton Road to the sleepy hamlet of Earleton nestled along Lake Santa Fe.  Here you will find large live oak trees that beckon you to ride down the road a little farther toward the local gathering place of the residents – the Earleton Post Office.  Earleton was founded by General George Elias Earle in 1875, and carries a  history of  citrus and pecan industries. Currently, we are known as a great place to pick  blueberries,  and Earleton is now  home to the small cottage industry of the Earleton Road Soap Company.

The Earleton Road Soap Company was formed in 2013, and grew from my passion in making things  from scratch.   My small batches of  soap are free of animal oil and created using the cold processed method. I use rich skin-loving oils such as olive, coconut, sunflower, palm, castor, shea butter and cocoa butter.  Cold processed soap requires a cure time of 4 weeks, but good things cannot be hurried – we will serve no soap before its time!

I am happy and proud to offer a product to you that is made with care from the fewest and best ingredients possible;   that would be ingredients you can pronounce!

I hope you will browse my website and find something you like. I will keep you updated on any craft fair events and businesses where you can buy my products. Thank you!

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